IMA’s 2020 Middle East/Africa/India Salary Survey (Egypt Results)

Each year, IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) conducts an annual global salary survey of its members. This report focuses on and analyzes information gathered in the survey from respondents located in the Middle East/Africa/India (MEAI) region and also includes separate, brief summaries of responses from India and Egypt. Similar to the global report, this report summarizes information related to education, certification, and experience, and analyzes the effects these factors have on compensation. The report also presents information gathered from respondents regarding job satisfaction.

Key findings for respondents in the MEAI region in 2019 include:

  • The median base salary in the MEAI region was $22,500, and the median total compensation was $25,000. Globally, the median base salary was $36,000, and the median total compensation was $43,000.
  • Holding the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) certification continues to add value in the MEAI region. For those holding the certification, median total compensation was $36,450, which was 92% higher compared to those without the certification. In addition, 95% of those holding the CMA agreed that the certification gives them confidence to perform their jobs at a high
  • Higher levels of education have a positive impact on Respondents holding an advanced degree earn a median base salary that is 54% higher compared to those holding only a baccalaureate degree.
  • Overall, 75% of the respondents in the MEAI region agree that they love their job. Women tend to be slightly more satisfied compared to men (79% vs. 75%).


Survey Results in Egypt

Demographics for the 91 respondents in Egypt are presented in the top table. Only 6% of the respondents in Egypt were women, compared to 18% in the MEAI region, and 50% globally. The average age is 33, which is one year younger than the average age of the respondents in the MEAI region overall. All of the respondents hold at least a baccalaureate degree, with 12% holding advanced degrees. No respondents from Egypt hold the CPA, while 34% hold the CMA. Median total compensation in Egypt is $8,800, compared to $25,000 in the MEAI region and $43,000 globally (see bottom table).
Respondent Demographics: Egypt
Egypt Middle East/Africa/India Global
Female 6% 18% 50%
Male 95% 82% 50%
Mean 33 34 37
Median 31 33 35
Baccalaureate 100% 100% 94%
Advanced 12% 34% 32%
CMA 34% 40% 53%
CPA 0% 8% 14%


Holding the CMA in Egypt has a positive impact on compensation, with CMAs earning an average total compensation that is 29% higher compared to non-CMAs. Those with an advanced degree earn an average total compensation that is 33% higher compared to those with only a baccalaureate degree. Given the low number of respondents (91), the results for Egypt should be interpreted with caution.
Compensation: Egypt
Egypt Middle East/Africa/India Global
Total Compensation ($)
Mean 15,724 42,755 65,763
Median 8,800 25,000 43,000
Total Compensation ($) (Mean)
CMA 18,475 60,263 78,075
Non-CMAs 14,303 30,975 51,987
Baccalaureate 15,124 33,623 48,739
Advanced 20,086 60,218 101,861
Management Level
Top management 45,133 128,640 162,417
Senior management 21,102 52,650 96,481
Middle management 12,680 33,306 55,816
Lower management/entry level 7,909 22,756 36,784